About the Company

Apiwings is a renowned travel solution providing company focusing on delivery to the B2B, B2C, B2B2B and B2B2C market with years of experience in the online travel domain. We provide API travel solutions to a wide range of partners including hotels, airlines, cars, buses, cruises, transfers, associations, travel sites and travel agent networks.

We are pioneers in our field. Our innovative and top-notch travel solutions along with a global inventory of travel products, which include hundreds and thousands of hotels, low-cost carriers and 24/7 access to best-in-class customer support team provide everything that you need to offer travel to your customers. It is our experience in the travel industry that has given us the edge that gives our clientele a competitive advantage. We deliver our clients secure, robust and cost-effective solutions.

Our values

We love what we do and give our best shot to contribute to the success of our customers

  • Work-life balance

We have a team of powerful personalities with different hobbies, skills and forte. We look forward to both work and have a good time together.

  • Happy and satisfied customers

You matter to us the most. Our employees are very patient in dealing with customers. They know how to help you out with things that you want – in the shortest time possible.

We always make sure to

  • Maintain privacy and confidentiality of our client’s work
  • Put our client’s needs and interests ahead of our own
  • Provide all that our clients want
  • Deliver the best solutions to our clients at affordable prices
  • Value each and every customer and give them the same importance

Our vision

We mainly focus on providing exceptional service to our customers and maintaining a long-term relationship with them. We listen carefully to what you want for your business and then work our level best to deliver you the best quality solutions.


Our main focus is on –

  • Airlines booking engine
  • Hotel booking engine
  • Bus booking engine
  • Car booking engine
  • Cruise booking engine
  • Transfers
  • B2B/B2C/B2B2B/B2B2C booking engine
  • Accounting packages
  • Travel portal integration
  • GDS/XML API integration
  • White label solution
  • Holiday package system

How we work

  • Rapid concept workshop

Our experts know your requirements, understand what picture you have in mind for your project and explain what can be achieved after reviewing your competitors’ sites.

  • Project management

A project manager is assigned, who will keep track of your project and provide you with all the information that you need

  • Designing

We create stunning designs after getting to know about the requirement of our clients

  • Research and development

We pay attention to research, as we believe that good research makes work perfect

  • Testing

Our expert testing team works hard to rectify if there is any bug or error and provides an error-free system

  • We make it live

This is when our hard work starts showing results

  • Maintenance and support

Even after delivery, we provide maintenance and support to keep your business running


Why choose us?

By ensuring the highest quality and innovative services, we, at Apiwings, work towards providing our clients with complete customer satisfaction. We provide our clients across the world with integrated solutions and services. We strive to offer you every facility as well as convenience that you expect from us and provide you with a memorable online experience so that you keep coming back to us again and again. You may choose us for the following reasons:

  • Global solutions
  • Extensive experience of our team
  • Easy access to global inventory
  • Much shorter turnaround time
  • Cost saving
  • Resource optimisation
  • Better management of revenue
  • Operational efficiency
  • Powerful booking engine
  • Flexibility of payment
  • Transparency
  • Dynamic packaging flexibility
  • Increased efficiency

And last but not the least – our expertise and knowledge


Want to know more about us? Get in touch with us at info@apiwings.com





What we do best?


B2B Application


B2C Application


B2B2C Application


XML/API Based System

With our tremendous inertia and efficiency to bring a project to its successful launch, maintaining it thereafter by onsite, offsite, online and so is something that we do. We strongly believe that there is nothing that can stop us to accomplish any project with best of its results. Right from customization of any specific requirement to extension of versatile services to our clients across the globe with a proven track record has been strengthening us from time and over.

We have engineered the successfully automating different organizations and related operations with best of our inputs. Be it defining the business model, process functions, cost analysis, vendor selection, consultancy or designing and deploying a customized solutions, our services fit deemed to it. Such expertise has placed us far above the existing market competitions.

Our Tailor made solutions

Deciding between a tailor build and other travel solution can be a tedious task, there may be benefits of choosing one over the other. Some of the benefits of using a Tailor Made solution are listed below:

Tailor Made

You have the full ownership of the final product including its source code and the knowledge acquired during the development.

It exactly fits to your business requirements and you have full control over the source code.

You can decide what features you need.

You will be able to stand apart from the competition, because the system is built specifically to meet your requirements.

You have full control and can directly communicate with the development team to pass your requirements clearly. It gives you full control of the system and the way it functions.

You can decide the timeline, how and when to introduce new features.

There is no per user licensing fee.

There will be less chances of external threats as the solutions are built as per your requirements and the other person knows very less about their structure, which will prevent hackers from penetrating the system.

Other Products

You will need to depend on the solution provider for all kinds of technical support.

You don’t have access to the source code of the system.

You will not have any competitive advantage as lots of your competitors may be using the same system as yours.

You will be able to stand apart from the competition, because the system is built specifically to meet your requirements.

You may need to change your way of working, as it may not fit your requirement in order to accommodate your system.

You may need to pay for frequent future upgrades, else your system will become obsolete.

You may need to purchase licenses for every user of the system.

These solutions are used by many businesses and their system architecture may be well known. This may lead to breaking into the system by hackers who may be aware about the structure of the system.

How we work

  • Contribution

    Maintaining a high degree of transparency and flexibility when it comes to our clients..

  • Flexibility

    As a true partner, we adjust accordingly to ensure that we are working on what will be most effective for your product and business.

  • Project Management

    A project manager will be assigned whose job is to keep the project on track and to ensure that you are getting the information you need..

  • Designing

    We embrace the idea that constraints inspire creativity. That’s why our design philosophy revolves around listening: Listening to our clients, their customers, and our experience.

  • Research & Development

    Our approach to research involves bringing the user’s voice into the process early and often without over-burdening the entire process.

  • Testing

    No System is a perfect system. But our testing team works constantly to provide error free system

  • Go-Live

    When our all hardwork and patience started giving some meaning.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Its not just delivery. To keep the fuel tank full and keep it running will help your business growing. Our award winning support team are always ready to provide all kinds of assistance from technical to knowledge base.

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