Shed All Your Accounting Worries with Our Accounting Package Solution

Are you a travel agent or an hotelier looking for accounting packages? Well, we provide a fully integrated accounting solution that links to all the major GDS/CRS systems in order to help corporate, retail and travel agencies worldwide with accounting. With our solution, travel agencies as well as hoteliers can manage their invoicing and payments with ease. With our accounting package, you can automate your accounting and financial management, get a greater insight into your business and make decisions that will boost your profitability. Also, you will be able to do all back office work. Starting from Inquiry, Inquiry Follow Up & Reminder, Auto/Manual Purchase & Purchase Return, Domestic & International Air Ticket Invoice, Railway & Bus Invoice to Hotel Voucher & Invoice, Transport Voucher & Invoice, Excursion Voucher & Invoice, Package Invoice, Group Tour (Itinerary, Schedule, Booking, Allocation, Quotation, Voucher & Credit Note), Rent A Cab (Vehicle Category, Vehicle Master, Vendor Master, Tariff Master, Employee Master, Reservation, Duty Slip, Close the Duty, Invoice, Fuel Average, Maintenance), Passport & Visa Fees Invoice and Credit Note – we do everything for you.

Top features of our travel package include –

User management

Create as many as user you need to
Assign privilege to access the Software
Manage Sales by Every User
Manage total Business Growth by Users


Accounts Ledger
Journal Voucher
Contra Voucher
Debit Note/Credit Note

Debtors and Creditors

Manage your Business Partners and Your Walking Clients Data
Create & find customer contact details:
All your contact and customer details are stored in one place, and it’s Quick & easy to find their details.
Manage your Supplier data (Transporter, Air Ticket Provider, Hoteliers, etc.)

Financial Reports

Create as many as user you need to
Cash/bank Book
Daily Sale/Purchase Report
P&L Statement
Manage your customer debt: see outstanding customer invoices at the click of a button, and chase them up with a selection of customisable letters & emails.
Day Book
MIS Report
Monthly Sale Comparisons Graph
Customer Wise Sale Graph
Supplier Wise Sale Graph
Number of Room Nights Calculation
Confirmed and Cancelled Booking Comparison


Invoice Printing
Voucher Printing
Receipt Printing
Credit Note Printing
Service Tax/TDS Report

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You can have the following benefits if you opt for our accounting package

Track projected cash flow

If you opt for our accounting package, you will be able to track both your payables and your receivables. This data can be used to project your cash flows into the future. This way, you can avoid late bill payment fees, overdraft time periods and cash crunches.

Automated financial statements

If you do your accounting yourself, you have to reconcile the ledger and then balance and convert them into financial statements. This whole process in not only time consuming, but also does not let you review financial statements in real time. But with our accounting package, we can provide you financial statements at whatever time you want.


The reporting functionality of our accounting package solution lets you assess the present state of your business at any time, with just a single click of a button. You will be able to make educated and informed financial decisions as you will have precise data.

Tax benefits

Do you own a travel agency or a hotel? Then, at year end, you may find yourself juggling through your business tax returns. This is exactly where we can help you with our best-in-class accounting package solution that is compatible with every size of business. This will save you from the cost of tax preparation each year.

Why choose our accounting package solution?

We are a leading accounting package solution provider that offers tailored accounting services to the travel industry so that the error of risks is reduced, a lot of time is saved and all their accounting needs are met. Also, with easier financial management, we let you focus on customer satisfaction. We strive to make you more productive and increase your ROI with our top class services while you focus on your core business.

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