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Do you know what exactly an Airline Reservation System or Airline Booking Engine is? Well, an Airline Reservation System is a web based booking engine that is connected with Global Distribution Systems (GDS) such as Galileo, Amadeus and Sabre. Using it, customers can book as well as cancel their air travel. Isn’t it great? As this booking engine is connected to GDS systems, travel agencies, as well as end customers, get better rates and inventories.

Now let’s come to the exciting features that our Airlines Booking Engine offers –

  • GDS integration
  • B2C – End user reservation
  • Booking/ Reservation management
  • Amadeus, Abacus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan
  • Scheduling flights
  • B2B – Travel agent’s reservation
  • Inventory management
  • For both IATA and non IATA agents
  • XML interfaces for airline system data distribution

Empowering businesses of our travel partners every year

Some other appealing features of our Airlines Booking Engine include –

  • Secured booking with the option to auto fill
  • Get weather info of the destination that you choose
  • Multi city and multi-currency
  • Real time ticketing & cancellation

What benefits will you get if you choose Airlines Booking Engine?

You will get the following advantages –

  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Increased sales
  • Increased client satisfaction
  • An entirely automated system
  • You can book and cancel tickets with ease
  • Comparison of the prices of tickets
  • Generate vouchers or PNR in seconds

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Why choose Airlines Booking Engine of Apiwings?

booking engine Our Airline Booking Engine provides flexible as well as modern reservations and inventory management solutions to travel agencies all over the world. We let travel agents and their customers access to travel data in real time by implementing GDS. One can schedule flights, see ticket records and ticket tariffs with our Flight Booking Engine. Both the travel agencies and the travelers can get benefitted from it. Do you know what the best thing about our Airlines Booking System is? Well, we let travelers book online tickets from anywhere with the amazing features that come attached with this system. This saves both time and effort. Travelers get the freedom to book flights from the comfort of their home. Our customer service is excellent. This means, if you require help at any point in time, you will always find us by your side. Want to experience it yourself? Get in touch with us!
So if you are a travel agent and want to boost your sales, then get our Airlines Booking Engine today and see the results in no time!

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