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Car and Bus Rental Software and Booking System

Car Booking Engine:

Car booking engine is a technical solution which delivers car rental reservations to those tourists who plot their trip to visit many destinations. This software is API integrated which creates it possible for the users to reserve the vehicle. Our car booking engine permits to reserve vehicles through your website. Car booking engine that we design and improve at our place is a solution which offers online rental reservations of cars through the web application. This is for the organizations which deal tourism services to the users in all over the world.

Why select Apiwings for car rental booking software?

Apiwings is a well-built and reputed organization which arranges software solutions to travel agencies and companies. Domestic as well as international companies are on the track of getting their web portal developed. We partner with those companies which are rental. We fix API code of the third party as we deliver you a personalized solution car booking engine.

Features of Car booking engine:

Booking engine for car rentals has several eyes catching features. You can acquire the subsequent technical features in the software development for rental cabs:

  • Online reservation service with the report of completed booking through email.
  • Booking invalidation feature
  • Display a number of models and categories of vehicles
  • Exceptional offers stated on the web application

Car rental software is a complete solution and necessary for any tourism application. Apiwings is the major car rental portal developer of India. We deliver a whole remodelling to the car rental booking system.

Bus Booking Engine:

People use public transportation, mostly bus, has to turn out to be more obvious than earlier. The reputation of bus transportation has extensively spread out. Bus booking engine has turn into extremely demandable due to the up-to-date technology. Apiwings has taken this approach by improving the success of Bus Booking Engine.

Features of bus booking engine:

  • Rapid & easy explorations, timetables, charges, availability on various different bus operators.
  • You get info about diverse bus operators and routes available for travel.
  • Cancel, view, print, download tickets.
  • E-mail & SMS validation of tickets
  • Fast access to data so it is time-saving.
  • Download receipts
  • View passengers particulars

Involve the top technology:

We offer the finest in bus booking to travel agents by presenting flexibility and excellence facility.

  • Develop a user-friendly & custom-made online Bus Booking Platform.
  • Online rearrangement /withdrawal of tickets.
  • 24/7 business care

Easy B2B customer organization:

You can be able to manage all type of your B2B customers effortlessly through our platform.

  • Make unlimited users, retailers, distributors & resellers.
  • Full sales summary
  • Enhance balance

Billing scheme:

We recognize and appreciate technology better so you just concentrate merely on your business.

  • Combined billing scheme with payment form
  • Automatic payment update scheme
  • 100% clear billing and reports
  • SMS-based support

Devoted support team:

Our extremely trained staffs are present 24*7 for deletions and other issues. You can catch them through phone, live chat, and email.

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AdminCar and Bus Rental Software and Booking System

Apiwings – Online Software provider Technology for Travel & Technology Company

Our Apiwings are going to make world class Travel & Aviation technology solutions. We trust in structuring solid partnership with our customers to guarantee that we are talented to bring a cost effective solution to them. Our journey has been a thrilling one. We pride ourselves in emerging advance travel technology products. Travel and Hospitality companies are looking to integrate and enlarge areas like social media, e-commerce in order to encounter the requirements of the digital passenger. Apiwings allows improved travel by providing foremost and widespread travel applications like reservations system, e-commerce applications, internet booking engine and several other.

Apiwings is a global software Services Company motivated in serving you an influence on business. We do this by technological knowledge. We are a reliable service provider for many companies across the globe. In India, we are one of the main software systems integrators to support clients to exploit the efficiency and output.

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AdminApiwings – Online Software provider Technology for Travel & Technology Company

Apiwings – Technological Solutions – Online Travel Booking Engine Provider

Travel technology is a business and Apiwings organise it well. It delivers the finest managed services achieve the need of travel industry. It offers cost effective fulfilment solutions. Our excellence control and automation services save time and we also provide the along with the technology to service of your customers. Continuing expenses for hardware, software licensing, security management, high speed data access, as well as information technology maintenance may not be reasonable. Apiwings permits companies to think on their customers. We are here to make available to you the leading technology to support and raise your business. We support the minor business as well as the major companies.

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AdminApiwings – Technological Solutions – Online Travel Booking Engine Provider

Be Unique And Find Success In Your Travel Website

In this time of economic difficulty, many business managers feel that a website is a sound investment to secure their company. In many ways they are right! A website does open up a new, very large arena of distribution for your products. You can reach customers all over the country/world, that would never have visited your shop nor heard about you if it wasn’t for your website.

However it’s important to remember that your website is not going to earn you millions overnight unless you have the right plan. Launching a website is not an instant access to money, managing itself and just letting you reap the rewards. Rather, it’s simply another arm to your business, or another branch. It requires the same consideration as the rest of your business.

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AdminBe Unique And Find Success In Your Travel Website