Galileo GDS Integration: A New Way to Increase Your ROI

A renowned global distribution system (GDS) business, Travelport operates in about 174 countries and includes internationally recognised GDS platforms such as Galileo and Worldspan. About 48% of a leading online travel company is also owned by Travelport that provides integrated and innovative payment solutions customised to match the unique needs of the travel industry.

Launched by Travelport, Galileo GDS system can be considered as the most popular as well as the most used Global Distribution System for the travel industry. In the field of travel, Galileo provides one-stop travel service execution tools such as top of the line travel systems, computer reservation software and web services XMLs.

We, at Apiwings, offer integration of Galileo GDS system for the IATA agents through web services.

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Benefits of Galileo GDS integration

With Galileo GDS, you can have access to the database of a number of travel entities through web services APIs. Some advantages of Galileo GDS integration are –

Increased productivity

Increase in efficiency

Increase in revenue

Maximum buyer outreach

Maximised point of sale

Lower operational cost

Tailored solution for each travel advisor

Real time access to content and inventory

Ability to capture new market opportunity

Where is Galileo GDS used?

In order to connect buyers and sellers through online corporate travel channels and agencies, Galileo GDS is used by the travel industry all over the world. The Galileo GDS is commonly used for –

Hotels booking

Airlines booking

Car booking

Tours and travels management

Rail ticketing

Airport transfer

Cruise booking

Why choose our Galileo global distribution system integrated solution?

We are a leading Travelport Galileo GDS integrator that boasts its expertise in providing solution for all the aspects of Travelport GDS, B2B & B2C Galileo GDS and Galileo GDS integration. Our Galileo GDS integration team at Apiwings has all the required knowledge as well as experience to develop the top integrated systems by adding the maximum number of possible inventories needed to book hotels, flights, cars and buses via Galileo GDS system. As our Galileo GDS based flight booking engine offers low-risk implementation as well as support for flight search, ticketing and booking, users can now book tickets with ease. Our team has upper hand in using cutting-edge technology in the integration of Galileo GDS. We strive to satisfy our customers by providing the best services at affordable prices.

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