Enhance Your Sales with Amadeus GDS Integration

GDS stands for Global Distribution System. It is a computerized reservation network that is used as a single point of access for accommodating hotel rooms, airline seats, rental cars and many other travel related items by hoteliers, travel agents, large corporations and online reservation sites all over the world. The discussion of GDS is not complete without mentioning the name of Amadeus, which is one of most preferable GDS systems for hoteliers and travel agencies offering special offers and deals on hotels, flights, sightseeing and transfers. Amadeus GDS brings all the players of the travel industry together to do business and increase their revenue. With Amadeus GDS, you can manage your travel business, improve your business and reduce cost at the same time. We, at Apiwings, integrate the popular Amadeus GDS to make your airlines and hotels booking business completely automated and easy to use.

Amadeus hotels

There are over 300,000 hotels in 195 countries that have integrated Amadeus GDS.

Their top features include –

Search for hotels by name, city, number of rooms etc

View detail description about hotels

View price breakdown per day

Book and cancel hotel bookings

Amadeus flights

Amadeus GDS is integrated in about 490 carriers worldwide.

Some of their top features include –

Search for round way flights

Search for one-way flights

Detailed search by flexible dates, arrival/departure time, class etc.

Search for flights by airport or city name

Use FFP (Frequent-flyer programs)

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Benefits of Amadeus GDS

Amadeus GDS offers the following benefits –

Easy connectivity

It is through the mode of XMLs/APIs that leading GDS system providers such as Amadeus started selling the inventories. Using the hotel XML, airline XML and car XML, travel companies can connect to Amadeus GDS system in order to check the availability and do the bookings online. The travel agents or hoteliers can also integrate these XMLs to their own website in the form of APIs to get their online booking engine operational for B2C users.

Real time pricing and booking

With Amadeus GDS connectivity to a large number of travel agents, corporate and customers all over the world can view and book hotels, flights, tours as well as transfers in real time.

Automatic content update

If you integrate GDS system, all the information regarding inventory will be updated automatically. Both agents, as well as B2C users, will get the same seamless information.

Broadened market reach

In order to broaden the market reach, Amadeus GDS system is used extensively. A single GDS or global distribution system is connected through a number of B2C, B2B and B2B2c websites.

Why choose our Amadeus GDS integration solution?

With the increasing popularity of OTA (Online Travel Agency) model, travel agencies are using third party travel APIs and GDS integration for travel portals and online reservation. We offer hoteliers and travel agents with the booking options of hotels, package tours, cars and airlines through our extensive Amadeus GDS integration service. We work closely with hoteliers and travel operators across the globe and strive to help them grow their business with our solution.

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