Increase Your ROI with our Hotel Booking Engine

These days, online hotel reservation systems or hotel booking engines are getting much popular. The main reason behind this is the fact that users get the freedom to choose top hotel rooms nationally as well as internationally using this booking engine. Hotel booking engines are connected with self-contracted inventories and top hotel APIs. They can connect inventories across hundreds and thousands of places worldwide. At Apiwings, we have teamed up with the popular GDS providers and offer an end-to-end hotel booking engine to travel agents as well as hoteliers.

We take pride in developing top-class travel portals and integrating a number of popular hotel suppliers. We integrate the following XMLs

DOTW XML Integration

You can have access to travel portals of near about 151 countries with the integration of Destinations of the World (DOTW) with a travel agency.

RoomsXML Integration

You get to connect to more than 80,000 properties across the world with RoomsXML.

Hotelbed XML Integration

You can have access to information about 45000 hotels around the world with Hotelbed XML.

HotelsPro XML Integration

You can make your hotel booking engine much faster and 100% interactive online reservation system by integrating HotelsPro.
Apart from these, there are many other XMLs that we integrate.

Top features of our hotel booking engine include –.

  • Advanced search
  • Secured booking with auto fill option
  • Search by hotel name or city
  • Remind customers of the travel dates
  • Cancellation and live voucher
  • Weather information about the destination city

Our hotel booking engine can work wonders for your hotel business

  • Manage booking offline
  • Boost hotels online
  • Overall occupancy of hotels will increase
  • Room reallocation
  • Increase in sales of hotels
  • Tax management
  • Can offer discounts
  • Manage multiple refund rules

Want to increase your ROI with our hotel booking engine? Get it today!

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Are you a travel agent or own a travel agency? Reap the following benefits from our hotel booking engine

  • Fast and easy update of the availability of rooms, rates of the rooms etc.
  • Fully automated payment and booking services
  • Multiple bookings can be done by multiple guests at a single time
  • As it removes the need for manual inputs, manual workload becomes less.

Why choose our online hotel booking engine?

We are a leading hotel booking engine solution provider that offers integrated hotel reservation software to clients all over the world. Travel agencies as well as hoteliers can manage online hotel bookings quickly as well as effectively with our online hotel reservation system. Users can select the destination and choose the hotel rooms according to their preferences. Moreover, they get to lay their hands on highly reasonable deals.

A positive customer response is of utmost importance for any hotel business. And you get exactly that with our hotel booking engine. The stress and burden of hotel management staff are reduced to a great extent with the wide range of features that are offered by our hotel booking engine. Could you ask for more?

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