Shed All Your Accounting Worries with Our Accounting Package Solution

Are you a travel agent or an hotelier looking for accounting packages? Well, we provide a fully integrated accounting solution that links to all the major GDS/CRS systems in order to help corporate, retail and travel agencies worldwide with accounting. With our solution, travel agencies as well as hoteliers can manage their invoicing and payments with ease. With our accounting package, you can automate your accounting and financial management, get a greater insight into your business and make decisions that will boost your profitability. Also, you will be able to do all back office work. Starting from Inquiry, Inquiry Follow Up & Reminder, Auto/Manual Purchase & Purchase Return, Domestic & International Air Ticket Invoice, Railway & Bus Invoice to Hotel Voucher & Invoice, Transport Voucher & Invoice, Excursion Voucher & Invoice, Package Invoice, Group Tour (Itinerary, Schedule, Booking, Allocation, Quotation, Voucher & Credit Note), Rent A Cab (Vehicle Category, Vehicle Master, Vendor Master, Tariff Master, Employee Master, Reservation, Duty Slip, Close the Duty, Invoice, Fuel Average, Maintenance), Passport & Visa Fees Invoice and Credit Note – we do everything for you.

Features of shared hosting on Linux and Windows

Shared hosting on both Linux and Windows has the following features -

  • Control panel
  • Website statistics
  • Latest technologies
  • Plug and play scripts
  • Multi-domain hosting
  • Free tech support
  • Database support
  • Corporate email
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Secure shell access
  • One-click installs

Benefits of our managed hosting service for your business

Some benefits that shared hosting offers include –

Low labour cost

If you use hosting service in your company, you can lower the labour cost to a great extent. This can let you have access to more powerful and professional servers.

Protection of important data

Protecting essential data through regular backups is a part of managed hosting. In case of any technical issue or hardware failure, you don’t have to worry, as all your information will stay protected.

Resolve problems fast

As we always track and monitor what’s going on with each server, we can take steps in order to avoid problems before anything happens that could bring the server down. And in case an issue does appear, we can solve it very quickly with our expertise.

Enhanced performances

We always monitor your performances with our web hosting service. We watch the servers all the time and look for usage dips or spikes. They can perform resource allocation and load balancing to keep the servers running as efficiently as possible.

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Why choose our managed hosting?

We have been providing the best scalable, reliable and secure hosting solutions to businesses, organizations as well as individuals. Our servers are dedicated to our clients, and each of our servers is optimized for the type of website it hosts. We offer 24/7 customer service to our clients. We offer web hosting services for both Linux and Windows servers at an affordable cost. We have a robust disaster prevention plan with frequent backups and multiple data centre locations. We have years of web hosting experience and we provide you with the right solution that is needed for the success of your business.

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