Want to sell online and distribute all your own inventory products such as hotels?

Well, with our Central Reservation System (CRS) solution, you can do just that. Our CRS lets you connect and sale your inventory through all your sales channels such as B2B, B2C etc. Our CRS not only stores but also distributes information of hotels to travel agents and clients worldwide. Also, it supports the hotel channel manager system and the property management system at the backend.

Features of our state-of-the-art CRS solution include –

Complete customisation

Centralized inventory for CRS providers, hotel distributors and online travel agents

Manage availability, rates and content from one single entry point

Instant booking and cancellation notification through SMS and email

Auto email feature to send vouchers and invoices

Real time inventory

Comprehensive reporting module

You will get the following benefits with our CRS solution

With our CRS solution, you can save a lot of time, as we manage everything for you – from rates to inventory and pricing

All the essential hotel booking data is captured, which will help you to measure the performance of your business

With our CRS solution, managing the statistics for the availability of rooms will become a lot easier for you

Why choose our CRS solution?

We are a leading hotel extranet and CRS solution provider. With our CRS solution, you will be in complete control of your hotel inventory as well as pricing structures. This lets you take advantage of all the big sales and distributions channels (OTAs) that are there in your network. The hotel extranet of Apiwings allows you to manage inventory with ease. We have a team of professionals who are experts in their field and give their best so that you make huge profits.

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Features of our highest quality hotel extranet include –

View all modified, confirmed and cancelled bookings on screen

Change, reduce or increase rates

Add special offers and deals for hotel bookings

Add unlimited pictures and small video of your hotel

Generate reservation details report, daily report, inventory report and billing details report

Manage policies

Getting our hotel extranet solution will provide you with the following advantages –


Increased productivity

Build loyalty in your customers

Accurate information

Increases company performances by automating procedures with extranet

Decreased margin of error

Decreased inventory

Why choose our hotel extranet solution?

With our hotel extranet solution, you can reach the Internet Distribution System along with GDS, which is commonly known as Global Distribution System, from a single point system. With our hotel extranet solution, hoteliers, as well as travel agents, can manage their marketing and online sales. They can also show their availabilities as well as rates that can be easily viewed by the OTAs team aligned with CRS.

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